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roaming & resisting
cherrytree | 07.07.2005 19:28 – http://www.indymedia.org.uk/en/2005/07/317199.html

our actions of resistance at faslane and the a9

send in the clowns

faslane is a joke?

the clown line

locked behind the clowns

watch us!

pay attention!

all fall down!

why oh why oh why?


end of the line

roaming in the gloaming!

no photos here!

no need to blockade!

moved on....

...along the a9


job's a gd un!

monday at faslane we continued to show up and show our resistance to the g8 and all the ways it oppresses our lives. we took off from our site of sustainability to the place that eats our money for destruction. tuesday we took to the hills and roamed through the rain to briefly lay our heads in the trees before taking to the a9. we distrupted the traffic all morning and, although some of us were surrounded by riot police briefly, they let us go and we continued our way along the a9 to gleneagles.


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