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trip to gleneagles protests
stefano | 06.07.2005 22:01 – http://www.indymedia.org.uk/en/2005/07/316857.html

this is a short pic report on our nice day trip to the country today. we visited the lovely town of auchterarder where a g8 protest march took place today... locals were friendly and joined in the march.... later protesters crossed the fields to reach the infamous fence around the gleneagles hotel....

the bus trip from edinburgh to gleaneagles took 3h, as police were out in force

the clowns plan their funny tactics

live 8 in the park

a mobile sound system provided dancing entertainment

the march starts in the usual fashion

the mummies are there too

the noise from seattle rocked again

the fence is attacked

the police is protesting against GM crops!

clowning in the field

protesters close in on our so-called leaders

but reinforcements are on their way

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