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Beacons of Dissent! Ablaze Above Gleneagles
Breaking News G8 Day 1 - Wednesday 6th July 2005 | 06.07.2005 01:16 – http://www.indymedia.org.uk/en/2005/07/316509.html

On Tuesday 5th July, the first wave of hillwalkers set off into the Ochil hills - walking for several hours to reach the peaks overlooking Gleneagles itself.

At midnight a huge beacon was lit on Blairdemon (as we now call Blairdenon hill) which people there say must be visable from Gleneagles itself. At 12.45 am it was still ablaze and a second fire beacon was visable from a neighbouring hilltop.

The first day of the G8 Summit has arrived...

For years, when a community has seen danger approach, they have used fire to call for the aid of their peers as they prepare to resist the enemy. When a beacon was lit on a hilltop, the message travelled far and fast and aid would soon follow. Now, as the G8 leaders approach Gleneagles, we light Beacons of Dissent.

Those who claim to be solving the problem of climate change while driving new motorways through our communities. Who say they can solve Africa's problems by opening it up to multinational corporations. Who meet the challenges of our world with empty words and betrayal.

We light the beacons to send a message around the world that those "leaders" are not welcome here and that we intend to resist their schemes to our utmost.

We ask our friends in the world to hear our call and to respond to it.

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