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International Anti-G8 Meeting in Tuebingen, Germany
(For immediate release)

From 26th-27th February 2005, people involved in anti-capitalist groups and networks from twenty-three different countries, gathered in Tuebingen, Germany to continue planning resistance to the 2005 G8 Summit.

The meeting declared, "This year's Summit professes to address issues important to us all, amongst them: climate change and poverty. Yet these are issues produced by a system from which the G8 was born and which it attempts to manage. Resistance is the obvious and growing response to the current order. Our aim is not merely to oppose the Summit, but to contribute to the daily struggle to create new worlds."

A number of action plans were developed over the weekend, reflecting the diversity of the perspectives from which those attending were coming. Concrete action plans included:

The meeting also commented, "Whilst the eight most powerful men on Earth retreat behind fences and into militarised zones to pursue their policies of war, growth and destruction, we are attempting to build new spaces, open to everybody, and in which we can demonstrate our legitimate alternatives: of self-management, of non-hierarchical and consensus based decision making and of ecological sustainability."

Notes to the Editor

  1. The 2005 G8 Summit will take place at Gleneagles Hotel in Perthshire, Scotland. Gleneagles is located 70 Kilometres north of Edinburgh.
  2. Amongst those attending the meeting were people based in: Scotland, Germany, Macedonia, Greece, Hungary, Luxembourg, Spain, Sweden, Lebanon, Israel, Ireland, Finland, Italy, France, Belgium, Holland, Russia, England, Belarus, the United States, Canada, Austria and Switzerland.
  3. The meeting was organised by the Dissent! International Networking Group. For more information about Dissent! see: www.dissent.org.uk

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