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[Note by the editor: due to the fact that a rally in Gleneagles is highly unrealistic this call has been withdrawn immediate. G8 Alternatives is actually just mentioning a Demonstration at Dungavel, far away from Gleneagles (see map) call from Glasgow Campaign to Welcome Refugees), Tuesday 5th July]

G8Alternatives: Main Demo at Gleneagles Train Station 1st Day of G8 (6th july)
24.01.2005 17:16 – http://indymedia.org.uk/en/2005/01/304231.html

The last meeting of the G8Alternatives mobilisation in January 2005 agreed to call their main mass demonstration on the first day of the G8 Summit (Wednesday 6th July) with the meeting point at Midday at Gleneagles train station.

So far the authorities have indicated that the "red zones" (ie. closed security zones) will only exist in the immediate area around the Gleneagles Hotel where the Summit will be held, while other restrictions are likely to be impossed in the surrounding area.

Additional security measures will include local road closures, checkpoints and restricted access for resisdents only in some areas on production of a pre-issued photographic identity card. The authorities have maintained that the main A9 road and rail links will remain open. Gleneagles train station where the G8Alternatives demonstration is planned to assemble is situated on the opposite side of the A9 to the Gleneagles hotel. G8Alternatives are understood to be discussing their demonstration plans with the local authorities.

One of the main problems facing the G8Alternatives mobilisation, along with other groups, is the task of finding camping accomodation for the tens of thousands of people expected to converge in Scotland in July. At previous European G8 Summits the local authorities have provided large campsites and other facilities for G8 protesters. Some fear a chaotic situation if a suitable agreement with the authorities is not reached. It's believed many are prepared to consider squatting an area of land as part of their protest - a move which could find favour in a country where land rights themselves are an important political issue.

G8Alternatives are also organising an alternative Summit, with venues booked in Edinburgh for Sunday 3rd July, and have secured agreements with several big name bands for a music event.

Other events planned for around the G8 Summit include the massive Make Poverty History demonstration in Edinburgh on Saturday 2nd July, a blockade of the Faslane nuclear submarine base on Monday 4th July, a demonstration focussing on climate change, numerous cultural events and various protests and blockades against the G8 Summit throughout the three days running from 6th-8th July.

See G8Alternatives Minutes:

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