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list of things
needed for Convergence Space(s)

A large part of the up coming meeting is in order to organise things for the convergence centres that will be running throughout the week of the G8 summit.

In order to this absolutely tones of things are needed. The following is a questionnaire which will then be passed onto the appropriate working group.

Please take time to consult with people in your local group and send back this questionnaire with necessary contacts so that people can contact each other. Before the meeting this weekend.

Please bring the questionnaire to the meeting or email it to info-g82005atlists.riseup.net

Do you have and can you bring. Please give detail as to what it is you can bring to each part.

  • Kitchen Equipment
  • Office Equipment
  • Marquees/ Stuctures
  • Communication Equipment
  • Tools
  • Electrical Equipment
  • Renewable Energy things
  • Transport ( cars, van, coaches, bikes etc. )
  • Bands/ Cultural Events
  • Workshops/ Talks
  • Stalls/ Information
  • Audio visual/ sound equipment
  • Films etc that you want to show.
  • Art/ Creative Stuff ( for banner/ puppet making etc)
  • Do you have/ know people that are ( this list is endless but to give an idea)
  • Drivers. Drivers with bus/hgv licences, plumbers, electricians, legal observers, faciltators, doctors, medics, welfare people, musicians, artistically minded beautification people etc.

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