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call out for blockades at Glenneagles

On the 6th-8th July the G8 (the leaders of the worlds most industrialized nations) are meeting in Gleneagles, Scotland at their annual summit to make decisions on how they think the world should be run.

The G8 are the group at the heart of the corporate Globalisation, co-coordinating a neo-liberal assault on our livelihoods, public services, jobs, wages and environment. They make promises on seeking real solutions to the world's problems, but in reality have failed to deliver in making any progressive changes. Examples of this are their inability to cancel debts' owed by the world's poorest nations, or implement the Kyoto agreement to reduce greenhouse omissions that are killing our planet.

The reason for this is that the G8 are not a body that can be negotiated with, as their main interest is to protect and promote free trade in all its forms, encouraging maximum profiteering from the sale of goods, service, crops, and intellectual property. Any pressure to change the G8 will come externally from maximum militancy, organizing against them so as to expose their real agenda by discrediting it.

We need to confront the G8 by disrupting their secret meeting; this can be achieved by blockading the summit when it starts on the Wednesday 6th July.

'The Blockades Group', a part of the Dissent! network, call out to all autonomous direct action groups and individuals opposed to the G8 to carry out autonomous actions to blockade the summit. To maximise participation in such blockades, groups and individuals may coordinate through the Dissent! network.

The Blockades Group is already investigating information useful to assist the blockades. If you wish to coordinate your actions through the network, or would simply wish to request any information which may be useful to your autonomous action, please subscribe to the discussion group at
<blockads-subscribeatlists.riseup.net> (just send email and you will be added)

Actions will be many and varied and will range from confrontational and uncompromising to imaginative and humorous; so all groups and individuals should feel able to participate in a manner appropriate to their ideology.

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