Wipe Out WEF

author: L.Jones - 03.09.2002 21:01

A summary of the workshop on the WEF in Salzburg and Davos.

The workshop on WEF in Salzburg (Austria) and Davos took place in LVC on 16:15.

About ten people attended. The austrian Antiwef coordination talked about the project of mobilisation in Salzburg that is going to take place from the 13th of september. the three aims of mobilising are: the antiwef coordination, the Salzburg social forum and a public debate with WEF during the summit that attac is organising.

This european summit will be focused on the integration of eastern european countries in the global economy. Lots of eastern state politicians will be present to meet western europeans buisiness leaders.

The antiwef coordination emphasised the fact that they were planing street theater and other public actions DURING the summit despite the high level of repression practiced by the neo-fascist government. Therefore international support is strongly demanded. All the practical infos can be found on www.antiwef.org. or www.at.indymedia.org. if you want to participate inn radio stream of the media center please chek-out www.imc.subnet.at

The second part of the meeting was dedicated to the swiss anti-Davos mobilisation. The swiss anti-WTO coordination explained the actual situation of the mobilisationthat started 5 years ago.. The swiss goverment does not seem to be very enthusiastic to continue hosting a private event that is going to cost more that 7 millons euros just for security. Therefore the swiss coordination thinks that the situaton may bring a victory for the mouvement: the Davos forum could desapear if the popular and internnational pressure continues growing. They proposed to endorse a call for "preventive" actions in front of swiss embassies or WEF members on the 16 of NOVEMBER. This would encourage the swiss authorities to renounce hosting this protopatriarchal institution. The call will be presented on Wednesday durinng the plenary session.

There will be several manifestations in front of austrian embassies and/or offices of members of the wef(like mcdonalds, nestle,daimler-chryler,etc)
dates include:

Switzerland, Bern on the 14th of september
Germany, Madgeburg, on the 14 of september.
Romania, Bucarest, ???
and in your city, if you cant join the protesters in Salzburg!!!!!!!!!!!!

An aditional proposition was made by Camille (a member of the legal support team of the No Border in Strassburg. She confronted the growing repression during such mobilisations). The idea is to mobilise in february or march 03 against the System Information Schengen (SIS) and social control and repression pemitted by such databases. This would be to link the different anti-repression activities developped during these different mobilisations in a more proactive way.

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