Process Outcomes European PGA Plenary 2002

author: PGA EUROPE - 04.09.2002 20:41

Process Outcomes European PGA Plenary 4 September 2002. These are the outcomes of the Plenary session endorsement of the proposals as has been worked out by the Process Workgroup, during the Second European Peoples' Global Action, that took place from the 31st of August, untill the fourth of September in Leiden.

Note: discussion points have been left out
Note: when stated PGA, it means the global network of Peoples' Global Action

I Infopoints (infopoint contact list)

  1. Groups that endorse the PGA hallmarks are called upon to take on work as European PGA 'infopoints' which means they spread information on PGA in their local movement. Infopoints can be physical spaces as well as just (digital) contacts.
  2. These groups are not labelled as 'PGA' groups but are already existing groups that want to do PGA activities next to their other activities. The European PGA infopoints can give visibility to the European PGA process without representing it.
  3. These infopoints can organise regional meetings inspired by PGA. They can also start autonomous regional initiatives that are according to the hallmarks of PGA, but are not labelled 'PGA'. There is no representative structure from the regional to the European or Global PGA conferences.
  4. Infopoints cannot represent PGA Europe, nor are they members of the European PGA, they are autonomous initiatives to spread information.
  5. The infopoints can be started autonomously, so consensus for their formation does not have to be reached at the European plenary. Infopoints that violate the hallmarks and principles of PGA will be noticed, and other infopoints and convenors can decide to no longer work with them (i.e. they are no longer part of the process).
  6. At every conference there will be an open meeting of infopoints where groups that want to become infopoint can introduce themselves and get to know the other groups involved.

Note: yet to be done is to insert a disclaimer from the PGA manifesto that no actions can be done out of name of PGA.

II Global Contacts

  1. A global email list will be started. This is a proposal to take to the global convenors. We will leave the details of the list open and trust the working group to sort them out, but we recommend that it is well moderated and with translations.
  2. We will continue creating a PGA directory/contact list, starting in Europe and coordinating it on a global level.
  3. We invite the infopoints to gather and disseminate information on global contacts. We should use the infopoint structure to make the global nework stronger.
  4. Convenors should continue to take care of global communication (for instance by delegating it to a working group).
  5. The existing working group continues to function with the mechanisms agreed on for working groups.

III Support Group

  1. One digital space where all of the people that want to do support work gather to discuss the support tasks. We will renew the discussion on the basis prepared in Leiden, taking into account what has already been consensed on, and we leave the decision on the whole block until the winter meeting.

IV Convenorship

  1. The three main tasks for convenors are: Organising the European Conference; European networking and maintenance of infrastructure; and Global Contacts.
  2. There will be at least two convenors, and after organising a conference at least one of the old convenors will help the new convenor/s organise the next conference
  3. EuroDusnie and MRG Catalunya will continue as convenors while we (the entire European PGA network) search for new convenors. They will organise a meeting in the winter where the new convenors will be decided upon. This meeting will be open to anyone endorsing the PGA hallmarks, but will definitely include the convenors and the possible new convenors. Any further discussion on the convenorship will be discussed at the winter meeting.

V Communications

  1. There will be three email lists
    • The caravan99 list will be redefined for action announcments
    • A list for discussion and strategy
    • A list for support group coordination
  2. The questions of who will administer all lists and how this will be done will be initially discussed on the conference process list and and further discussed and decided at the winter meeting 2002 (
  3. Future of the and 'Global Archive' websites will be disussed by a workgroup - first meeting will be today over lunch with a small report later in the plenary. Email list of the working group -

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