Athens 1rst PGA meeting - 7th of may 2006

Approximately 20 people were present throughout the meeting - quite some of them had very little idea about what PGA is and how it works.


During an introduction to PGA there was also a feedback on the Belgrade conference (2004) from one of the organisers of this conference who was present at the meeting. It was about the machism that people were confronted with on the camp (there was a text mentioned with the title 'manarchism') and that this should be something that should be adressed more within PGA structures. Also it was critisized, that quite some hooligan groups were present at the camp (they were running around in the school fe.) and that there was hardly any respond from the activists which was considered as quite strange.

It was also adressed that the communication processes of PGA is stuck between the big conferences and generally working not too well (so fe. Greek people want to start a balkan mailinglist and they didn't know about the existing balkan mailinglist where the communication actually broke quite quickly after the meeting in belgrade). Generally there seems to be a problem to subscribe to mailinglists and some lists are not properly used; there is a problem with the international list;

And what happened to the PGA infopoints? In germany there are obviously infopoints, but they are not used or don't work. On the infopoints there has never been a proper update (who and where are infopoints) but it was generally welcomed that they should be revived again (some people would like to do something like that in athens).

Also for a lot of people PGA is something abstract and the process is not understood and how the organisational matter are dealt with.


Things that should be discussed in france were raised and also general questions came up:

  • The question of infopoints should be revived. There was at the wintermeeting in linz last year the idea of infopoints starterkits that never was considered further.
  • The structure of communication should be rediscussed in france.
  • Also the problem of power issues connected to language, travel possibilities and information issue should be discussed (people from Ukraine, russia who need visas fe. - how to do fundraising?)

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