Notes on PGA online chat, Dec 9 2005
(Prepared by Mario Galvan) • es: Notas sobre el chat de la AGP

Persons from England, Germany, Switzerland, Russia, Lebanon, Argentina, and the U.S. participated in the online chat. The main purpose was to select the best date for the next chat session which, hopefully, will enjoy greater participation. Special invitations will be made to increase participation from persons from non-English speaking countries.

The proposed date for the next chat (by those on this chat) is Saturday, Jan 7th, with the 14th as a backup date. Most agreed that a weekend in January worked best. However, recognizing the need to hear from others was as well, it was suggested that Dec. 18th be set as a deadline for comments and suggestions on the date.

Regarding the agenda for the next chat, it was suggested that a small working group prepare the agenda, via the globalaction list. Several suggestions for the agenda made during the chat, but other suggestion are welcome as well. Suggestions made during the chat included:

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