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email lists - listas del email

communications - comunicaciones (global list since 2005 multilingual)
list info: (global list since 1999 multilingual)
list info: (pga conference list) (pga convenors list multilingual) (global action communication) - for web site - para el Web site

Latin America - América Latina

agp latina (spanish)
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Brasil (portuges)

North America - América del Norte (PGA List in North America english)
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pga-bloc mailing list
(PGA List for Northeast region, which began after joint PGA-BLOC activities against Bush in Ottawa in November 2004, with groups coordinating actions from Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal english)

Asia (pga near east list english)

European Lists - Listas Europeas

process discussions - (multilingual) (subscribe)
actions and announcements - (subscribe)
discussion documents - (subscribe)

Balkan (english)
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Germany (german)

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topic focused lists

coordination mailing list about biotechnoly topic
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Web sites - Sitios del Web (global action database) (conferences in europe)
regional PGA Sites
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