World Bank IMF DC September 2002 Photo Gallery
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World Bank

S27 imfgap

S27 imfhelp2

S27 imfhelp

S27 protestsimf4

S27 4th and K Street

S27 imfarrests

S27 imf5

S27 imf4

S27 imf

S27 gappolice

S27 imfpolice

S27 security01

S27 imfarrests2

S27 protestsimf3

S28 farragut01

S28 farragut02

S29 iraqrally01

S29 iraqrally03

S29 iraqrally04

S29 iraqrally05

S29 iraqrally06

S29 iraqrally07

S29 iraqrally08

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