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2006 G8 Summit in St.Petersburg - Reports & Photos

july 16th arrests at Vasilyevskiy Island

booger | 17 Jul 2006 |

And so it went, approximately at 5 in the afternoon on July 16th in St. Petersburg came an action against the G8 in the shape of a "rose demonstration" (details later). Around 70 people took part in it, who with slogan, banner, flag and musical instruments marched across Vasilyevskiy island.

From the very beginning, many strange people with cameras came to the action along with journalists, who turned out to be undercover cops. In fact, the whole region was flooded with them. And later at the district, many "well-dressed" women came into rooms and pointed fingers at present activists---"this one was there, and that one too..."

The impression becomes that the arrests were planned in advanced, and the action was allowed to happen in order to observe who, what, and where. Let's ponder more.

In the 16th police district, a total of 32 people were detained. A large portion were released without announcing any charges; but all were photographed (from different angles), first 'Rubop' (РУБОП), and then the police.

Some people had their phones taken, from which information was copied and checked against a list of numbers and calls. A number of people received blows from members of the police, including to the face.

Having held people for more than 5 hours, members of the 16th district police refused to receive food and water that the Legal team and the 'rights defenders' tried to pass off to the detained individuals. Amongst those detained was one minor, one citizen of Great Britain, and one citizen of Ukraine. After 10 at night, people began to be released little by little.

At 1 at night, the remaining 7 detained were for some reason driven to 30 ОВД (2 people) and 60 ОВД (5 people).

Василеостровское о/м 30
8 линия д. 69, ph 323 3002 or 323 19 33

Василеостровское о/м 60
ул. Беринга д. 29, ph. 356 6002 or 356 2814

The minor was charged with 20.2. "non-sanctioned demonstration" (which was the attempted changed charge against most of the detained). He was supposed to be transferred to Спецприемник: ул. Седова 64, and from there tomorrow at 11:00 to judicial district 11.

The rest received charges under statutes for which they can be held for a few days – "swore in the stairwell and waved his arms," non-compliance with the lawful demands of the members of the police, etc.

It looks like hearings for the rest will be at the same place: 17 линия in Vasileostrovskiy Island д.8 м. Василеостровская.

Favor requested – tomorrow everyone come to the building where the hearing is at 11 in the morning. invite journalists, rights-defenders, etc.!!!!!

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