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2006 G8 Summit in St.Petersburg - Reports & Photos

Blockade - action against G8 summit in St.Petersburg

16 Jul 2006 |

Press release

Today in the morning around 30 people who are involved in the Network Against G8 (NAG8) blockaded the entrance of a hotel which is used by participants of the G8 summit in St. Petersburg. They blockaded the street for a while, carried banners, distributed leaflets against the policy of G8 and made noise with a trumpet and by shouting slogans like "No G8 anywhere" and "it is the end of G8 as we know it" in Russian and English.

The action had international character as anarchists and anticapitalists from different European cities like St. Petersburg, Moscow, Minsk, Chishinau, Warsaw, Kiev, Cardiff and Berlin took part. The action was planned to show that there is protest and resistance to G8 no matter where it takes place. Police reacted with a clash on the action, everybody was arrested, some of the activists sat down and were carried away, others were brutally graped and forced to leave the street.

Laws are not made by the people who have to cope with them in the end but by those in power.

The blockade of the street and protest which violated these laws is a response to the repressive situation in the city of St. Petersburg, where everyone who does not fit in the picture that the Russian officials and the G8 supporters are trying to create is criminalized.

The G8 as an institution strengthens the role of the elite countries in the worldwide market and promotes hierarchy. It makes decisions for millions of people and interferes with libertarian and selforganised relations between people. The member countries make decisions about direct and hidden wars.

There is an urgent need to take action against the G8 summit. The protest is taking place all over the world. The growing movement of resistance against those in power can not be stopped in Russia or anywhere else by tough police or a president who denies peoples right to say no to this elite club. Today's intervention with a direct action against the G8 summit is another step not to demand but to work on what is needed - to shut down the G8.

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