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2006 G8 Summit in St.Petersburg - Reports & Photos

Update St.Peterburg 13th of July

Several people said today that Russian Social Forum is observed by secret police, there were photos of people made out of a black car (like in a bad film) and there are microphones spreaded in the area. The last days people were arrested in the streets because of "swearing".

On Kirov stadion, where the Social Forum is taking place, a person from Italy called Alesandro was taken in a car and arrested. After some hours he was released. The police explained to representatives of the Legal team that they just wanted to explain him that he didn't register himself which is against the Russian law and after that let him free. In this way the police tries to give an example for the other foreigners who are now in St. Peterburg to behave themselves as the police wants them to and then they will not make them problem.

There were some more cases of repression reported today. Police kept some issues of the newspaper avtonom which they found checking one person and were not as in law needed handing out the person a written paper about the case. Others manage to take newspapers and anarchist leaflets to the forum.

A second short arrest took place in front of Social Forum, police said that a woman called and informed them, that a person has illegal material with him and the arrested looks like the described person.

After 3 hours he got free and the police excused themselves. Later the same person was arrested a second time, it is unclear if he is free now or not.

A third arrest took place in Moscow, where a communist person from a smaller city tried to come to St.Peterburg and was kept because he was looking like a searched criminal.

He was not able to call anybody, his mobile was taken but a lawyer cared for him. The people of his organization interpret that the police did not want him to come to Social Forum.

He was released and later second time arrested because of he was suspected to be a hooligan.

all in all information is mostly available in Russian and the puzzle of repression is not sum up in an overview now. Keep informed...

Declaration of legal team 13th July to find at:

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