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Madrid: Protest at Russian Embassy

anna - 09 Jul 2006 |

Already on June 28th activists went to protest against the G8 in front of the Russian embassy in Madrid, Spain. The action was part of a 'Week of Social Struggles' called 'Rompamos el Silencio' (Let's disturb the Silence). Buckets full of red paint, symbolizing blood, were thrown at the front door and little paper planes with messages against the G8 were sent across the fence by maybe 80 activists. The Police was clearly stressed out but couldn't do anything because it all happened very quickly.

Most of the information is in Spanish:

Crónica de la acción de esta tarde ante la Embajada Rusa (Chronicle of the action this afternoon in front of the Russian Embassy)

Audio files about the action and of a conversation of the activists about the action (ogg): Video wmv | avi

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