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2006 G8 Summit in St.Petersburg

Protest Action on J 14 (14th July) in Mannheim and Berlin

Solidarity with the Adivasis in Kashipur

UAIL (the multinational "Alcan" - Aluminium Canada und "Hindalco"- Indian Company) plan to mine bauxite in Kashipur (Orissa, India). Also other multinationals are involved in the project- e.g. the bank "Deutsche Bank" owns shares in Alcan. Bauxite is necessary for the very energy drinking production of aluminium. The mining and processing of bauxite mean the destruction of the way of life and displacement of the Adivasis (indigenous communities in India) and the pollution, destruction and exploitation of the mountains, forests and rivers in the region. Since 13 years the Adivasis fight against this plans. They organized themselves under the banner of "Prakrut Sampad Suraksha Parishad" (PSSP, Translated it means "Natural Resources Protection Organisation")

Alcan is involved in 25 factories and offices in Germany, e.g. in "Novelis" in Berlin.

On the 14th of July around the world will be protests against the G8 summit. For us Kashipur is one example that shows, how the global giants (plan to) destroy communities and nature.

It is enough!!

That is why we will protest on this "Global Action Day" at two locations in Berlin and at one in Mannheim. In front of the companies we will show our solidarity with the resistance of the Adivasis and protest against the projects in Kashipur.

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Berlin, protest meetings:

Mannheim, protest meeting:


Protest Meeting (14th July) in front of the Russian Embassy:
12.00, "Unter den Linden 63-65" (Mitte)
Stop the Repression in Russia!
Stop the Criminalization of activists!
Resist the G8!

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