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2006 G8 Summit in St.Petersburg

G8 2006 -- Solidarity Demo, Berlin

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Around 70 people today (Friday 14 July, 2006) took part in a spontaneously organised demonstration outside the Russian embassy on Unter den Linden in Berlin. The protest was against the G8 meeting in St. Petersberg, and in solidarity with those protesting against the summit and the world it represents all over the world.

Around 70 people gathered, at 12:00 today in front of the Russian Embassy in Berlin. With a samba band, flyers explaining our reasons for opposing the G8, newspapers about the mobilisation against next year's G8 summit here in Germany (see:, and banners, people tried to show solidarity with the protesters in St. Petersberg, as well as articulating their own opposition to the G8 and the world it represents.

The police, whose numbers grew throughout the hour and a half demonstration, did their best to keep demonstrators away from the Embassy itself, and on the other side of the street -- including nearly pushing a number of people into oncoming traffic.

A speach was held through a megaphone, describing the repression in St. Petersberg and the need to show solidarity with those protesting in Russia, as well as that police repression is not something entirely specific to the Russian context. Everywhere the G8 (IMF and World Bank, World Trade Organisation and so on...) have met over the last few years they have been met with resistance which has, in turn, faced repression.

The demonstration was noisy and lively, hopefully sending a clear message to those inside the Embassy: we will resist the G8 wherever they meet, and those subject to repression will not be left alone!

A further demonstration, for which anti-fascist and anti-capitalist groups in Berlin have been mobilising for sometime, will take place on Sunday (meeting point: 2pm, U-Bahn, Eberswalder Strasse. More info:

For more information, in both German and English, check out:

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