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2006 G8 Summit in St.Petersburg

Sweden, Gothenburg:
Action against the russian generalconsulate

do it! | 14 Jul 2006 |

Today the 13th of July, The Swedish Anarchosyndicalist Youth Federation in Gothenburg held a protestmeeting outside the russian generalconsulate at S:t Sigfrids plan in Gothenburg on account of the G8-meeting in S:t Petersburg and the repression of activists there right now. We stood there for a half an hour and handed out leaflets as we held a speech about the persecution of people that have gone to the city for the purpose to take part in the different arrangement that are being done in protest against the meeting. We talked about solidarity, classtruggle all over the world and why we can't change the system from within.

About ten activists took part in the action when we "bombed" the front of the consulate with stickers saying "Fred mellan folk - krig mellan klasser" (Peace between people - war between classes), discussed with people that were passing bye and talked to a person working at the consulate that came out and could not understand why we were there at all, even after we explained for him what we were doing there.

The Swedish Anarchosyndicalist Youth Federation in Gothenburg urges other to protest against G8 and how communists, syndicalists and other socialists are being treated. We can never let them break us. We must always fight for a better world.

Pictures of the action:

First we had a speech:

...and we handed out leaflets:

...and ornamented the entrance:

...then the represent for the consulate came but he did not understand why we were there:

...and he became mad at us:

...other did not even wanted to talk to us:

/The Swedish Anarchosyndicalist Youth Federation in Gothenburg -

(en) Sweden: SUF Call - Help break

Swedens first wagedumpingsite has been launched. With the german page as a rolemodel Vashal Nindal, Aleksandar Goga, Valdemar Vogel and Jeffrey Singh have started the site jobbjakt (workhunting or jobhunting). jobbjakt.seīs motto is that the person who accepts the lowest salary gets the job. Workers register themselves free of charge on the homepage, and are then supposed to lay bids on the avalible jobs, the lower the "better". This tasteless auction obviously reduces salaries in general, as collective wages agreements are undermined and the workers are forced to commit traison against their comrades. The homepage is not just a way for employers to restrain their expected rises of people's wages, but an efficient method to beat competitive attitudes into our heads and shatter us in an area where we, the workers, always benefits from sticking together to demand higher wages and better conditions.

Therefor we, The Swedish Anarchosyndicalist Youth Federation, will close down this page, and we need YOUR help to succed! Together we will make the webpage useless for employers. We recommend the following method:

Go to the homepage and register yourself ( ). The smartest thing is to register a new e-mail adress through hotmail for example. Registering on also demand a telephonenumber, use a swedish number. You can find one at You can register your real name or make one up (both are legal in Sweden as long as you donīt use someone elses name and birthdate). When you have registered on the site go immediately and make bids on the jobs! Make bids lower then everyone else, but do not write or bid anything obviously fake but make "fair" prices for your work.

When you have logged in you can make a little presentation of yourself and what you do. If you want, write a few lines about "your character" in english and mail it to and we will translate it for you into swedish, we can also give you a cell phone number and adress if you donīt have any own suggestion.

If you somehow have chosen a number at the sign up you should of course take it as far as you can. Take contact with the buyer, play a little desperate and unknown about work procedures. When the first workday comes you just donīt show up and if and when the boss calls you you can take the opportunity to tell her/him to fuck off.

There are not more then 300 auctions right now. By fast and efficient sabotage of all their functions we can fuck the website up before it has even got started!

/The Swedish Anarchosyndicalist Youth Federation

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