Date: Tue, 6 Nov 2001

Davos is dead

Good day in Switzerland. Yesterday night unoficial voices from inside the World Economic Forum announced (two days before their official press conference) that the next forum of Davos would be in... New-York. In switzerland the regional and natinal authorities had been fighting eachother on the last month, arguing on who would pay the security bill that has exploded on the last years because of the wide radical anti-WEF in switzerland, Austria, and other european countries.

The fact that the WEF is not even able to make shure that his own under embargo information is not going out before their press conference is a sign of their weak irrational security sistem who called tanks against demontrators last year and is not able to organize a good press conference. Remember taht this spring credit cards numbers and personnal datas of the "global leaders" (including Bill Gates and Bill Clinton) were available on their server and that they had to admit it on a court while a young swiss was acused hack something that was available with no protection. The Judge had to realease the young man.

Today is a good day in Geneva, it gives more energy for the anti-wto demontration that is going to march to the WTO headquaers on the 10th of November.

Please inform all the people that you know in NY...

Only the struggle is effective.

Hasta la victoria siempre

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