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On the WEF Homepage (, there is a first text on next year's program:

Before the anual WEF meeting in Davos, there will be regional meetings in Mexico City (December 4 - 5 [this meeting has been moved to February 2001! (note by the Editor)]) and New Delhi (December 26 - 28). It would be great if there are protests at those meetings as well. So if anyone has contacts to groups in Mexiko and India, please encourage them to organise something!

We hope to see you at the meeting in Lugano, Octobre 14/15

Davos Annual Meeting January 25 - 30, 2001

A First Look at the Programme

Bridging the Divides: Creating a Roadmap for the Global Future

The Annual Meeting 2001 of the World Economic Forum will open at a critical juncture as we enter a period of perhaps unprecedented opportunity, while confronting daunting challenges.

By almost any measure, the world economy has never been stronger. We are just beginning to capitalize on the opportunities created by the internet and associated information technologies ? and the boost of productivity they generate. The biotech revolution is upon us, creating an entirely new range of activities. And the absence of major international crises, or any overriding threat, is conducive to a more propitious climate for economic and social development.

But never before have the "divides" seemed so intractable: the divide between developed and developing countries; between those who have access to IT and benefit from the internet revolution and those for whom the internet is still a very distant dream; between the "knows" and the know-nots; between the countries where healthcare is a daily reality and the countries where even the most basic sanitary conditions are non-existent. The social, political and ethical challenges created by the cumulative impact of globalization and the IT and biotech revolutions are testing, in an unprecedented way, our leadership capabilities, our traditional ethical and moral compass, and our collective ability to devise approaches leading to a more inclusive global community.

The World Economic Forum's Annual Meeting 2001 in Davos will be a "must" opportunity to discuss strategies to "bridge the divides" and to sketch a roadmap for a global future. Bringing together top business and political leaders, concerned citizens and the world's most creative academic thinkers, the Annual Meeting will once again make a major contribution towards advancing the global agenda.

No other major international event creates such an interface between business, government, academia, civil society and the media. No other event puts key decision-makers together in one place, at one time, to tackle the major challenges facing the world. No other event can capture the spirit of Davos.

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