news of white overalls en route for Davos - 7.30 p.m.
Fri, 26 Jan 2001

On the borders of freedom

The Global Action Bus with the Milan white overalls on board left Piazzale Loreto, Milan, today at 3.30 p.m.. They reached the Swiss frontier at 5.30 p.m. from the centre of Como.

Destination Davos, where the work of the WEF (World Economic Forum) will begin tomorrow. And here they were stopped by the Italian police who, after brief negotiations, allowed them to proceed into Swiss territory, or at least into the no-man's land between the border posts. There the Swiss police informed the anit-globalisation demonstrators that they would not be allowed access, in view of their "assumed intention to go and demostrate in Davos".

At this point the Global Action Bus and the procession of cars accompanying it gathered in front of the blockade formed by the Swiss frontier police, refusing the unjust ban and advancing with their hands up in the forbidden direction.

On coming to the barrier there was contact with the police, who retreated a few metres before managing to counter the demostrators' advance.

The military authorities confirmed the blockade, arguing that they must uphold the ban on any demonstration in Davos at all costs. They refused to show any written orders and refused to let the demonstrators communicate in any way with non-military officials.

When accused by the demostrators that: "When you refuse participation in politics, that's the start of Fascism", the shameful reply was "That may be so, but you're not allowed in, anyway".

Searches were made in the Global Action Bus but no compromising material was found. The local police squad was immediately joined by a contingent of riot police with helmets, shields on knees, elbows, shins and arms, padded waiscoats, chemical sprays, electric pistols and truncheons.

At present a group of 70 white overalls are occupying the Chiasso frontier post, blocking access.

Switzerland and its contingents have entered the war for the first time - a war on behalf of global capital and against human rights.

To stop participation in politics is an inadmissable form of violence.

The Global Action Bus - once more "non grata" in Chiasso as in Prague and Ventimiglia, continues to insist on the right to proceed to Davos - the right to freedom of movement. Sempre disobbedienti (always disobedient).

The White Overalls of the Global Action Bus.

Urgent Call to join White Overalls in Chiasso
7.50 p.m. 26/1/2001

Tutte Bianche in Chiasso

The White Overalls of the Global Action Bus once again attempted to cross the border with their hands raised. This time they were driven back with truncheons. The famous Swiss Robocops made their appearance and some of them look fairly annoyed.

10.00 p.m. 26/1/2001

27 January - Day of Remembering - the rulers of the world should take note: Memory Lives

The White Overalls at the Chiasso border post into Switzerland have just finished discussing how best to continue the protest. In view of the police attack it was decided that the occupation of the border post must continue and be made permanent. We shall spend the night at the border and call for people to join us with blankets and food for the night.

Tomorrow morning we shall again try to cross the border together with all those who have arrived during the night. We look forward to seeing any companions who feel like joining us for the advance.

The same Europe that will be celebrating the Day of Remembering in memory of the horrors of Nazi-Fascism, is today closing its borders and refusing a group of demonstrators whose intention was to demostrate peacefully against the rulers of the world meeting in Davos.
The bans and the blacklists of yesterday are re-appearing - although more subtly - against those who try to oppose a system that works in favour of profit and to the disadvatange of millions.

The White Overalls of the Global Action Bus

Up-dates will follow.

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