I would like to present you an idea concerning the organization of an Alternate Davos in the city of Davos during the "liberal encounter" at the end of January 1999.

ATTAC, along with other NGOs (Swiss, European and from else where), will organize an Alternate Davos to think about other ways to see economic issues. Some of us will be physically in Davos to held a press conference : of course a very small number of person, since the cost of a physical presence meet more bank executives financial possiblities than NGO participants'. Meanwhile throughout Europe, meetings will be help by unions and other organizations on specific topics still in relation with an Alternate Davos.

The idea is to be able during the press conference to not speak to journalists about ourselves but to present the full diversity of possibilities around the world for a real Alternate Davos. The goal is not to put us in front of journalists but to let them know that there are possible others "news" than the ones create by the Davos encounter concerning the world economic well-being and the world development.

That's why we would like, with your help, to be able to present through computer screens an "Alternate Davos" that will match really the world size.

With the help of chatrooms on the internet we would like to reunite during the time of the press conference a number of people that will largely out-numbered the Davos participants.

This "presence" will have two goals:

Technically the page will held the logos of all the organizations that will be officially present in the chatroom, giving the possibilities to journalist to interview them. It also will enable citizens to be present and to participate to the press conference.

We can also take this opportunity to launch officially a vast lobbying action in the direction of governments to held an international conference soon to talk about ways of financing sustainable development around the world, financing it for example by an international tax on international transactions.

Of course all this is just "ideas" : everything is in the open for the moment to let your networks organize it with us. But I am sure we can all agree shortly with basic lines that will match our works and concerns.

Please feel free to react to this proposal by emailing me: and of course to forward this message to anyone of your knowledge that might be interrested in this proposal.

For details about the Alternate Davos organization per se, feel free to email Christophe Aguiton :

Best regards to all


~ Il s'agit tout simplement de se réapproprier ensemble l'avenir de notre monde. ~
~ Es geht einfach darum, dass wir die Zukunft unserer Welt gemeinsam wieder in die eigenen Hände nehmen. ~
~ It is simply a question of taking back, together, the future of our world. ~
~ Se trata, en realidad y simplemente de reapropiarnos, todos unidos, del porvenir de nuestro mundo. ~
~ Si tratta semplicemente di riappropriarci insieme dell'avvenire del nostro mondo. ~
~ Kortom, op het gezamenlijk heroveren van de toekomst van onze wereld. ~
~ Det dreier seg ganske enkelt om at vi i fellesskap krever tilbake makten over vår verdens fremtid. ~
~ Trata-se simplesmente de nos reapropriarmos, juntos, do futuro de nosso mundo. ~
~ Det är helt enkelt en fråga om att, vi alla tillsammans, tar tillbaka vår världs framtid. ~

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