Leading the protest
(Filed: 20/07/2001)

TUTE BIANCHE: Founded in Italy, the "white overalls", named after the boiler suits they wear, claim to represent the invisible victims of global capitalism. Ya Basta! (enough already) is their extreme international arm.

Globalised Resistance: British-based anti-capitalists who have chartered a French train to the summit.

Genoa Social Forum: Umbrella group set up to co-ordinate protests. It claims that more than 100,000 protesters will attend from 324 organisations worldwide.

Anti-Fascist Action: Founded in Nazi Germany, has become increasingly active and, some say, violent over the last few years. Blamed for spearheading the riots in Prague and Gothenburg.

Drop the Debt: British-based group that wants Western governments to write off Third World debt.

Anarchists: Well-established, worldwide group. Strong in Britain, Italy and Greece. Said to be active in Genoa.

Wombles: (White Overalls Movement Building Libertarian through Effective Struggle). British imitators of Ya Basta!

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