Call for a Peoples' Global Action Aotearoa

'Ma tau kete, ma taku kete ka ora te iwi' - 'By your contribution and by my contribution the people will live.'

Aotearoa (New Zealand) is a land of many causes, from indigenous rights, environmentalists, workers, anarchists, feminists etc. Each cause is fighting against captitalism and global greed in their own way.

Aotearoa Educators and the Committee for the Establishment of Civilisation (CEC) wish to invite activists flax/grass/taro roots groups from around Aotearoa to network together and create a PGA Aotearoa.

Why a PGA Aotearoa?
The question should be why not a PGA Aotearoa! The PGA style of de-centralised networking anti-capitalist groups has had successes on all continents, why not the South Pacific! The PGA is not an organisation so it is not about recruting members and swallowing them into some broad activist beauracracy, instead it is about networking individuals and groups in a way that doesnot impine upon a groups' autonomy. A meeting will be called to discuss how we can best do this, it will intend to strengthen links between movements across the country in order so that we are more fully prepared for neoliberal resistance. So it should be less about politics and more about organising effectively.

Aotearoa (NZ) based groups have been working in the Peoples' Global Action network since February 1998 when peoples' movements from all continents met in Geneva and launched a worldwide coordination of resistance against the global market. This alliance of struggle and mutual support was named the Peoples' Global Action against "Free" Trade and the World Trade Organisation. This resulted in the anti-MAI campaign, and participation in the Global Days of Action.

The hallmarks for an intended PGA Aotearoa:

Those movements, roopu and people interested in being involved in a PGA - Aotearoa should contact:

Aotearoa Educators

or the

Committee for the Establishment of Civilisation [CEC]
For information on the Committee for the Establishment of Civilisation visit
For information on the Tino Rangatiratanga Movement visit

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