Anarchist Call to Action on N16-18 in Ottawa

This is a call (by a newly created anarchist collective) to all anarchists and anti-authoritarians to join the protests in Ottawa against the IMF, World Bank, G20 and the fascist military aggression against the poor of Afghanistan:

Unite and Fight!!

The Black Touta, Toronto, ON

Federal Finance Minister of Canada Paul Martin seems to be convinced that Canada will be a safe-haven for the meetings of international capitalist elites. He wants to convince the global ruling-class that Canada is safe and secure against radical militant protestors, who they now deem terrorists.

The voice of dissent is being silenced all over the world. What are our chances at attracting another 125,000-300,000 people in the streets (as in Genoa) for the next G8 Meeting in Kanananskis? Not very good, everyone was discouraged after September 11; it's as if we are about to silently sit back as the government takes away our liberties in the name of protecting the security of freedom. 2 Months ago, if we would have known the powers police have in their new paradise, there would have been a civil uproar. Now, everyone is too shy or too scared to voice personal opinion in fear of offending American patriotism, what kind of freedom of speech is that?

Canada is becoming a police state. Once the Anti-Terrorism Bill passes, the RCMP will have the power to wiretap anyone's phone, or read anyone's e-mail, just because they suspect them to be a terrorist. If a revolutionary socialist expresses dissent and rage by breaking a window on corporate property after being the victim of police chemical weapons: he is considered a terrorist. Anyone who actively plans a civil disobedient disruptive protest with a revolutionary doctrine is considered a terrorist. This new law is definitely present to crack down on radical dissent and to augment the power of authorities.

Are we at war? No. The ruling-class has merely sent a bunch of patriotic men and women to go slaughter some innocent civilians on the other side of the world so that American civilians will feel secure to invest into their economy. In order to create more consumer confidence by the illusion of security, the government has signed a cheque for $40 billion dollars to be committed to this campaign against terrorism. Which will definitely cover CoIntelPro type programs in the USA and beyond. Their goals extend further than the war on terrorism, only to include the end of popular dissent and the depopularization of the growing revolutionary leftist movements.

Don't let the "war" discourage you from coming to Ottawa, we need as many voices as possible. In Ottawa, we have the potential to dictate a message to the masses. When people see that we continue to mobilize even during a "war-time", it does nothing but strengthen the power of our collective voice. At N17, let's express the exuberant spirit of people's solidarity that was present April 20/21st in Quebec City. Solidarity is our strongest weapon against the inevitable police repression.

We propose that we attempt to shut down the IMF/WB/G20 meetings as well as we can, by snake marching militantly through the downtown core of Ottawa. If a fence is constructed, we propose an anarchist bloc converge to take down many different points along the fence, in order to provide assistance for security for other snake marches and to occupy strategic locations near the fallen fence in order to not get trapped in. We all have different outlooks and tactical interests to achieving the common goal. There must be a strong commitment on the part of all protestors to agree to a diversity of tactics, in order not to break the chain of solidarity that we badly need in order to succeed. We must be prepared, as in Quebec City, for ultimate levels of police repression. If we thought Quebec City was an infringement on our rights to protest, Ottawa will be madness. We should use the snake march tactic to avoid tactically weak confrontations with the police. Snake marches can divide into similar levels of militancy. Even if only 10,000 people come to Ottawa, since we only have 3 weeks left to organize, we could have 5 snake marches of 2000 people. We could shut Ottawa down!

Let's have a united anarchist mobilization to demonstrate our alternative to the undemocratic capitalist policies that are enforced by the IMF/WB and the G20 leaders. Power has never ceded without a challenge to its structure. We must provide that challenge, hopefully non-violently, in the streets of Ottawa. There is no better way we can possibly exert our democratic responsibilities to let our voices be known than to be in the streets, numbered in the thousands.

Anarchists far and wide, join the resistance! We have the potential now to truly make a difference in the global policy. Join us in Ottawa for Nov.17 and we will confront the police state and demand our rights for freedom.

Form your affinity groups and collectives, begin your direct action training! Help us organize a successful anarchist mobilization on our N17 Message Board at


The Black Touta
Toronto, ON

World Bank & IMF Meeting Ottawa