Nice: unbelievable act of political violence
Date Wed, 20 Dec 2000 07:56:46 -0500 (EST)

A - I N F O S N E W S S E R V I C E

Unbelievable act of political violence in Nice, yesterday evening.

Around 6.00pm in the vicinità of the Nice Town Hall, around 50 comrades from the Association pour la Democracie a Nice, the Italian Rifondazione Comunista and LA SCiNTiLLA from Ventimiglia were organizing a protest against the police violence of recent days and against the unjustified arrest of two Basque comrades. The protest took place in a lively and peaceful atmosphere and indeed was planned as a party. A French group was actually about to start off a small concert.

Suddenly, about ten cars with dark windows came screaming along, stopping only a few metres from the protesters. Out of the first car stepped the Mayor of Nice in person (who, it should be remembered is a member of the National Front), who literally threw himself on one old comrade and began hitting him until he pulled back and ordered his thugs (about 40 National Front skinheads serving as a "bodyguard") to "kill the communists" and "destroy everything". In just a few seconds this squadrista attack began - punches, elbows in faces, and kicks directed at the comrades and the destruction of the musical instruments...

It should be noted that the vast majority of the comrades present who were viciously beaten were either old men, women or children.

The raid lasted around 20 minutes, 20 minutes in which the police, "strangely", seem to have disappeared (particularly strange, given that the fact that until now the city has been practically under martial law, and that even in front of the Town Hall there was not even one police officer!).

It should also be added that at the time, a television crew from FRANCE 3 was filming and recorded the entire brutal incident. However, their camera was taken from them by the Nice mayor's fascists and the cassette was destroyed underfoot in front of the journalists.

Jospin and Chirac's France was last night transformed into Pinochet's Chile.

c y b e r g o n z o

(translation by Nestor McNab)