Report from Nice
Thu, 7 Dec 2000 11:04:33

I received this from comrades in Nice:

Yesterday : the demo was about 80,000 strong and dominated by the French and Southern European trade unions (Italy, Spain, Portugal in addition to France). A few hundred from the UK, including FBU and Unison. THe march was rained on from start to finish.

In the evening we heard that 1500 yabasta had been turned back on a train again, this time with the Schengen Treaty being used to exclude "undesirables". Yaabasta and some of the far left formed a protest march to the station, about 2- 3000 strong. The CRS were unprepared and the demonstration routed them into a retreat and made it to Central Station. CRS reinforcements soon arrived and used tear gas to disperse the demonstration.

This morning Thursday a demonstration of about 3000 formed, including ATTAC, LCR, Basque Nationalists and the LRCI/Revolution. They blockaded streets aound the Avenue de la Republique, and attempted to break through the police barricades that were set up to defend delegates from the protesters. The main confrontaiton rook place on rue Barla. Several brave pushes against the police led to repeated use of tear gas and pepper spray. The demonstrators eventually decided to retreat together, having made their point, and joined a 6000 strong demonstaarion back to the convergence centre for a rally.

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