Prague: EU Centre Occupied
Thu, 7 Dec 2000

Around 50 activists occupied the European Union information centre in the centre of Prague yesterday. The protests in solidarity with actions in Nice highlighted the issues surrounding the enforced joining of the Czech republic to the EU and the negative impacts this will have on ordinary Czech people.
Once inside activists gave speeches, redesigned the interior and replaced the EU flags with some very fetching Anarchy EU flags.
The police arrived eventually and stood somewhat lethargically near by and oddly enough did nothing, no arrests were made and eventually we left of our own accord.

One czech activist is facing up to a year in prion for the henious crime of egging Madeline Allbright on a visit to Brno this year. Watch this space for more details of the trial.

The last prisoner, from s26 an 18 year old Danish Boy was released yesterday after 71 days in prison. Bail was set by the judge at 800,000 crowns. OPH and the Prague legal support group are continuing to amass evidence proving his innocence.
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