Hélicoptère dans le ciel de Nice, Dec 5 2000 (Photo: IMC France)

All together in Nice! Another Europe for another world!

info on eu summit protests in Nice 6,7 december


This is a piece from www.euromarches.org, Nice looks set to be the biggest european/western demonstration against neo-liberalism yet, between 50 000>100 000! The summit will be blockaded right through the night of the 6th to stop the eu ministers from arriving. btw it's only £47 to fly easyjet to Nice,

All together in Nice! Another Europe for another world!

The European Union (EU) summits of Biarritz and, in particular, Nice are important on two levels. Above all, these summits concern EU key strategic programmes : the Charter of Fundamental Rights and institutional reforms that prefigure EU enlargement of eastern European countries. On these two points alone, mass mobilisation is called for. The charter is a backward step compared to existing international treaties such as the Universal Declaration of the Rights of Man drafted over half a century ago in 1948!

As for the institutional reforms and the opening up of the EU to eastern European countries, this means a real threat of Europe being transformed into a free-exchange zone - a paradise for liberal capitalism! However, these EU key plans take on greater significance when seen as part of the overall struggle against global liberalism. Europe, is above all a first stage on the path to globalisation. So, are we suppose to accept precarity, flexibility and the disappearance of the idea of public services in the name of international competition!

In view of what is at stake, mass mobilisation for Biarritz and Nice is clearly paramount. It's now a question of numbers and of building up the strongest opposition possible, but this also means bringing together and federating mobilisation of groups in Europe who are not used to coordinating together. The entire European trade union movement will be in Nice. Also present will be other networks like ATTAC or coalitions for the Cancellation of Third World Debts who mobilised for Prague on 26 September. The European Marches can serve as a link between these different mobilisations, as seen in Seattle or in Washington, where trade unions and social movements were present, at a time when the young who are remobilising throughout the world.

All together in Nice from 6 December 2000. In the evening, we will remain for the occupation of Nice when at 7h in the morning, the European heads of states and governments meet. We will join in initiatives such as debates and mobilisations. All together, we demand another Europe for another world!


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