III Cumbre de América Latina y el Caribe-Unión Europea
Guadalajara, México – 26-29 de Mayo de 2004


In Guadalajara, Mexico, violent repression occured during protest against the Latin Anerican-European Union Summit on May 26th - 29th

Activists were protesting the meetings of an exclusive group of heads of state who do not represent needs of their communities, who are signing agreements that will increase poverty and exploit resources and labour.

28th of May global justice activists demanding piblic participation and debate over development policies, were brutally beaten, gassed and arrested.

The majority of arrests were made after the confrontation had ended, as protesters tried to reach a safe place.

  • 111 people were arrested and suffered torture and abuse in jail
  • 8 foreign protesters were deported
  • 49 people with charges
  • 17 are still in prison (october 2004)

Human Rights organizations have reported torture inside jail.

We demand unconditional freedom for all the political prisoners and the drop of all charges.

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