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Video Trailer: The Other Documentary (6:09 minutes)

January 24, 2006 | download (WMV • 12,6MB • 6:09 min)

Produced By The Other Journalism With The Other Campaign

Watch/download the video (WMV • 12,6MB • 6:09 min)

Ve el video en español

Video Team: Gregory Berger, Sarahy Flores Sosa, Barrett Hawes
Audio: Karla Lorena Aguilar, Quetzal Belmont
Script: Teo Ballvé, Al Giordano, and the people of Quintana Roo
Web design: Dan Feder
Translation: Luis Gómez (Spanish), José L. López Quintal (Maya)

The Other Journalism thanks photographer Maite Valladolid for her permission to use her work in this documentary.

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