EZLN communiqué and Intercontinental Gathering

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I guess many of you already saw the last communiqués of the EZLN, in which the Zapatistas announce a consultation period about the Intercontinental Encuentro (gathering) which they proposed in the Sixth Declaration of the Lacandon Rainforest.

This is great news, which we should take into account at the "virtual meeting" about the future of PGA, since the PGA principles have been Zapatista-inspired since the beginning (PGA has its roots in the Second Intercontinental Gathering which took place in 1997, convened by the Zapatistas), and the proposed next global PGA conference would be very similar to the proposed Intercontinental Encuentro. (The "virtual meeting" by chat about the future of PGA will take place in a still undetermined date between the 6th and the 8th of december, so far there were few responses about which date would be best. It would be good to fix that date as soon as possible, and for that it would be good to receive more opinions about when to do it on globalactionatlists.riseup.net)

Almost nothing about the Encuentro is certain yet, since all decisions will come out of that consultation; the only thing we know is that it will not take place before july 2006 (but it is still unknown when and where it will happen, in case it does). The EZLN writes:

"So that the conception, organization and holding of the Intercontinental Encuentro proposed in the Sexta can be produced with the real participation of supporters throughout the world, and not as a unilateral decision by the EZLN, as of December 1 of this year and at least until June 30, 2006, meetings and preparation consultations, of groups, personal or cyber, will be held so that proposals can be made for the Intercontinental (including the place and times it is to be held). This will be done by agreement of the majority. At the end of this 7 month consultation stage, it will be decided whether the consultation should continue or if the Intercontinental should be held as of July of 2006."

They also announce that "Preparation meetings can be held in other countries. If they are advised in sufficient time, the EZLN's Intergalactic Committee will send someone", and that "For the cyber consultation, the Intergalactic Committee will put into operation, as of December 1, 2005, the web page: zeztainternazional.ezln.org.mx (yes, like that, with «z»). This web site will receive international subscribers to the Sixth Declaration as well as proposals and comments concerning the Intercontinental"

Friday, November 25, 2005

EZLN: 2 communiques - new website & international

Originally published in Spanish by the EZLN


Translated by irlandesa

Communiqué from the Clandestine Revolutionary Indigenous Committee - General Command of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation


November of 2005

To the People of Mexico:
To the Peoples of the World:
Brothers and Sisters:

In accordance with that which was stated in the Sixth Declaration of the Selva Lacandona, the CCRI-CG of the EZLN says its word:

First - The EZLN continues to move forward with organizing its participation, civil and peaceful, in the tasks set forth in the Sixth Declaration which are: the «Other Campaign,» agreements and alliances with political organizations of the left in Mexico, holding an International Encuentro and helping struggles and resistances for humanity and against neoliberalism throughout the world.

Second - Given that the «Other Campaign» is no longer just the EZLN's, but instead belongs to everyone who has embraced it, we have organized a working team for direct, exclusive contact with the EZLN's Sixth Committee. This team will work under the Sixth Committee's leadership, and it has been named «Enlace Zapatista.» While the Other Campaign's supporters will be deciding and starting up the organization for all of us to communicate among ourselves, the EZLN's Sixth Committee will continue its work, now through Enlace Zapatista, of receiving, processing and distributing to everyone the information produced by those who make up the Other Campaign.

Third - The EZLN thanks the compañeros and compañeras of Revista Rebeldía for the unconditional help they have been giving us since the Sixth Declaration was issued. Through their website and the direct participation of those who produce it, they have been helping us receive and process subscribers to the Sexta and communications directed to the EZLN, and in holding the preparatory meetings and the Other Campaign's plenary.

Fourth - As of December 1, 2005, the EZLN's Sixth Committee's communications with those who are active in work which involve the EZLN and the Other Campaign will no longer be through Revista Rebeldía, but through Enlace Zapatista.

Fifth - As of November 30, a special web site will be operating for direct cyber communication with the EZLN's Sixth Committee (regarding the national, Mexico) and with the EZLN's Intergalactic Committee (for everything having to do with the international arena): www.ezln.org.mx The cyber information which Revista Rebeldía has been gathering will be moved to this page.

This page will have two links: one to the EZLN in the Other Campaign (www.enlacezapatista.ezln.org.mx ) and the other to the EZLN concerning international matters (zeztainternazional.ezln.org.mx - yes, like that, with «z»).

Sixth - Regarding the Other Campaign, the Sixth Committee will maintain communication from and with everyone who makes up the Other Campaign, and it will continue reporting on subscribers, as it had been doing previously through Revista Rebeldía, but now through Enlace Zapatista. At this time we are informing you that, as of November 20, 2005, the following have subscribed to the Sexta and the Other Campaign:

64 Political Organizations of the Left
120 Indigenous and Indian Peoples' Organizations
203 Social Organizations
498 Non-Governmental Organizations, Groups and Collectives
2020 Individuals and Individuals representing Families, Barrios and Communities
427 Internationals

When the Other Campaign so decides, the Sixth Committee will cease doing this work, and only Enlace Zapatista will devote itself to the EZLN's participation in the Other Campaign.


From the mountains of the Mexican Southeast

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