Summer Solidarity Caravan
JULY 25 - AUG 2, 2003

To: International Anti-Capitalist & Anti-Authoritarian Activists...

Students from UNAM (National Autnomous University of Mexico) who committed to social justice, are organising a Cultural Caravan between July 25 and August 2, 2003.

Internationals travelling through Mexico who are interested in acting as an international observer, who are fairly fluent in spanish, and are committed to genuine solidarity, are cordially invited to participate in this solidarity effort.

The aim of the Cultural Caravan is to offer direct support to marginalised indigenous communities situated in the Loxicha region of the Sierra Sur mountains in Oaxaca, who suffer from state repression, historic exploitation, systematic political persecution, and isolation.

Many of the caravan participants, mexican students coming out of the 9 month-long UNAM general strike of 1999, will offer skills-development workshops to community members during the 2 week visit.

As an International...Your presence is needed !!! It will send a clear message to state authorities and paramilitaries that the Loxicha communities are not alone as they engage in efforts to advance community self-development.


Carpentary: bring useful tools... the loxicha region is rich in wood.

Woodcarving: bring varnish, hammers, sanding materials, chisles, etc...

Textiles (weaving, sewing): bring cotton, old clothes, and scraps for practicing. bring thread, needles, scissors, pins, buttones, and losts of different and beautiful materials.

First Aid & Basic Health Care.

Womens' Health care.

Communication: help loxicha community members learn the skills to document the injustices they suffer at the hands of state authorities and paramilitaries.


Food Conservation: bring containers, bottles, tape.

Theatre: scenarios will be developed based on zapoteca legends and myths in order to educate the public about the loxicha peoples political and social reality. performances will be held in rural communities and in Oaxaca city.

--Each workshop will have 2 to 3 "helpers".

--If you have any practical and useful skills to offer and are SERIOUSLY planning to participate, feel free to contact [IN SPANISH PLEASE!] us at:

Email: alchileatmexico.com, al_chile2002atyahoo.com.mx

--If you are in Mexico city and want to come by to inquire:

Location: UNAM's Faculty of Philosophy and Letters. Che Guevara Auditorium Squat. (metro Copilco)


UNAM's Faculty of Exact Sciences. (metro Ciudad Universitaria)


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