October 12th: Crucero de Trinitaria

Autor(a): INDYMEDIA CHIAPAS Fecha: 10:00am Jueves 17 Octobre 2002

AT 08:00AM of the rebellious schedule in the Crucero de Trinitaria/Montebello the transit was closed to traffic to protest against the Plan Puebla Panama, the ALCA and their ominous impact on the communities of the region that would affect directly, the natural resources of the earth and take away its natural wealth.

Throughout the day there was different blockades in the Pan-American highway till the border at La Mesilla, where a march of 3000 people marched until the border, protesting the mega neoliberal projects and the repression towards the migrantes.

The blockade continued for 24 hours in all of the state, during which talks became a consultation on the ALCA and showed what people think of this project. Altogether more than 1500 people of 150 communities participated and as many as 20 organizations organized civil society in the blockade.

There was no problems or incidences reported during the 24 hours.

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