Fenosa electricity plants

Fenosa to invest US$1.1 billion in three electricity plants 8/21/2002

MEXICO CITY, Aug 21, 2002 (Diario de Yucatán/Corporate Mexico by internet
Securities, Inc. via COMTEX) — Spanish company Unión Fenosa plans to 
invest more than US$1.1 billion in three power plants in Mexico, 
considering it a "strategic country." Aside from generating electricity, 
Fenosa also participates in Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacífico-Norte, 
transport and distribution of natural gas and a desalination plant.In 
general terms, the electricity generated by private investors covers part 
of the municipal and State company demand in 12 states, as well as meeting 
the needs of large consortia such as Coca Cola-Femsa, Altos Hornos de 
México, Sigma Alimentos (affiliate of Grupo Alfa), Cementos Mexicanos, the 
Technical Institute of Monterrey and Colgate-Palmolive, among others.The 
Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE) has granted 122 self-supply permits and 
35 co-generation permits since opening the energy sector in 1994. Those 
permits have brought in nearly US$3.7 billion in private investments used 
to construct 157 plants. The Federal Electricity Commission has 
established in its investment plan that beginning in 2011, 61 new 
generating plants must open to covering growing demand. These will require 
US$56 billion in investments. CFE has the capacity to contribute about 28% 
of that, or some US$15 billion.

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