Stop Bombing Yugoslavia (A letter from Belgrade)

Date: Sat, 03 Apr 1999

We're writing you because friends from Belgrade have sent us the text and the addresses following, asking us to make them spread as widely as possible. The e-mail addresses are from an independent students' organization who need support and contacts, before all. If you know interested people, could you please pass the word?


The NATO is bombing Yugoslavia. This airstrike suppose a violation of the article 53 of the UN Charter wich says, "No enforcement action shall be taken by regional agencies without the authorization of the Security Council"; of the Helsinki Pact, the Paris Charter and another protocols related with International Defence; of the own statutes of the NATO, which clearly define this organization as a merely defensive organization.

The NATO argument wich says that this strike is taken place to defense the international community are not valid since NATO don't represents the international community. The only and one organization wich represents the international community is the United Nations Organizations. The use of force can only be explicitly authorized by the Security Council after it has determined that peaceful means have failed. Therefore, this strike supposes a violation of international law.

AU MA + Gom@ asks you to send letters with the words STOP BOMBING YUGOSLAVIA on the enveloppe to all your yugoslavian mail artists friends, to all the dignitaries of the NATO and to the President of the USA. If you don't know any mail artist in this country, we encourage you to send your letters to the Mail Art magazine

Open World
Radivoja Koraca 6 -
11000 Beograd

This project must not be interpretated as a support to serbian government or Milosevic, but against NATO attitude. We only want to show our solidarity with Yugoslavian mail artist in particular and with the Yugoslavian people in general. We only wish to contribute to avoid a bloodbath and to call to the parts to solve the conflicts through pacific negotiation.

Obviously, by the special characteristics of this project, there are not any deadline until the airstrikes will stop. There will not an exhibition neither documentation (althougth all the letters with the legend STOP BOMBING YUGOSLAVIA received in the addresses above will appear in the report of this action). We appeal to your solidarity.

AU MA + Gom@

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