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World Bank Disrupted, SUV Strikes Protestor

Joe Sacco – 25 Sep 2005 –

Joe Sacco, while working to prevent delegates from attending the World Bank meeting on Sunday, was nearly killed when a motorist drove at speeds over 45 mph with the protester on the hood of the SUV. Sacco was blocking one of four intersections surrounding the Mayflower Hotel- where many important delegates of the World Bank meetings were staying.

At approximately 4:45AM Sunday, September 25, 2005, a collective of approximately 100 activists from around the nation surrounded the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, D.C. Multiple affinity groups were able to effectively communicate in order to delay many delegates from easily being transported to the World Bank meeting.

Joe Sacco, of Las Vegas, was standing in the crosswalk at approximately 6:15AM at 17th St. and L when a grey/silver SUV (Washington D.C. plate DW7274) approached the intersection. The motorist came to a full stop about 4 feet away from Sacco. The driver then accelerated and proceeded to hit the activist. Sacco flipped up onto the hood of the vehicle in an attempt to prevent being pulled under and run-over.

The driver, seemingly a private citizen, then drove at high speeds 8 blocks to 9th St. and L. Sacco screamed and pleaded for safety while gripping the windshield wipers for dear life. The man finally came to a stop and let Sacco off the vehicle.

Street medics on the scene comforted Sacco as he was in a state of shock. Legal observers caught the incident on video and several people reported the license plate number to legal aid. Sacco is going to pursue criminal charges and a civil case. He will be speaking with a lawyer soon. And, he plans to be seen at a local hospital for neck, back and shoulder pains.

Due to the blocked intersections, delegates were escorted on foot by police down the streets to shuttles and limos. The activists also walked along their sides exposing the truth to them- how the World Bank and its economic polices plunder resources, devastate ecosystems and exploit disempowered workers.

The direct action was non-violent and decentralized, yet the swarming clusters of affinity groups successfully held the intersections for about 4 hours directly impacting the September 25th World Bank Meeting.

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