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Activists stymie delegates' arrival to IMF, World Bank meetings

Anonymous Poster – 25 Sep 2005 –

Sunday, September 25 -- About 100 people delayed IMF and World Bank delegates from getting to their meetings on time this morning by blocking traffic at intersections surrounding the Renaissance Mayflour Hotel where the delegates were staying.

Starting at 4am, affinity groups gathered at different intersections near the hotel and blocked the flow of buses and vans to the meetings, which were to take place at the IMF and World Bank headquarters eight blocks away. To accomplish their aim, some garbed as "neo-clowns" and stood in the road; others draped rope or erected physical barricades. Meanwhile, a larger group of activists jammed the sidewalk outside the hotel and heckled delegates when they tried to walk to the meetings.

Police communicated to the activists that so long as they allowed emergency vehicles through they would take no action, though around 8:15am they gave a warning that they would start to clear the streets. By 8:30am the groups dispersed.

One person was hit by the police and arrested, but is believed to be out. Another person was hit by a SUV and while splayed on the hood of the vehicle was driven at 40mph speeds for several blocks. Though shaken and bruised, that individual appears to be ok.

The action was part of the Adopt an Intersection Campaign, which called for "coordinated direct action" to prevent delegates of the World Bank and IMF from getting to their meetings on September 25.

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