Statue of Columbus Toppled in Caracas, Venezuela; Solidarity Actions World-wide
Venezuela | 13 Oct 2004 11:18:16 AM •

On October 12, various popular movements Venezuela gathered in the center of Caracas to celebrate a "Day of Indigenous Resistence" (previously Columbus Day) beneath a bronze statue of Christopher Columbus. Protesters first covered the statue with banners and graffiti, and then climbed to the top to attach a heavy fishing rope around Columbus's neck. Hundreds of protesters easily toppled the statue, even bringing the marble boat that served as his base along with him. The statue was dragged through the streets of Caracas, hung from a tree, and finally broken into pieces. The "Revolutionary" Police of Caracas (under the authority of "revolutionary" mayor Freddy Bernal) arrived, firing tear gas and ammunition into the air. Despite heavy resistence, the police managed to seize the pieces of the statue and arrest five people. The protest then moved to mayor Bernal's office building, demanding the release of the prisoners.

As part of a global day of action in support of the autonomous Bolivarian movements of Venezuela and "Pachamerican" (continental) resistence, solidarity events were held in London, Amsterdam, Athens, and Zimbabwe. As part of what has been termed "Revolution within the Revolution," revolutionaries in Venezuela are hoping to carry out further autonomous, civil actions in the future, in solidarity with other movements throughout the continent and around the world.

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