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posted by Chris on Saturday August 03 2002 @ 06:21AM PDT


The so-called neoliberal model has unfolded without limits in these two last decades. It has globalised its content throughout most of the world. It has shamelessly unmasked its cynical face. It has carried on producing more and more grief for the peoples. A penetrating and merciless grief and poverty. Its transnational companies have brazenly sown death with a cold scythe that destroys bodies and dreams. They are financial capital, medical industries, patent holders and weapons manufacturers among others. A coherent articulation operating with one single intention: accumulating more wealth and power in the hands of a few, sowing everywhere a sullen and gloomy distress perhaps never seen before.

They went on destroying wherever they could all of the improvements and conquests achieved in a prolonged, sacrificed and bloody grassroots chain of struggles through a long period of history.

This occurred to many peoples in different continents. It occurred to the peoples of Uruguay. This model of a country that the powers that be have carried ahead with cynicism and constant evocations to “democracy” and to “our style of life,” in order to distribute wealth and power among a few. By obeying the imperial mandates of international macro-organisations, financial capital and the large transnational companies have left the country empty. The banker thieves always counted with impunity for their dirty dealings. The banks were emptied and they filled them up again so they could carry on stealing.

In this framework arrives our “friend” Mr. Atchugarry. The “saviour” with a Draculian smile. The “miracle” Minister. And as if in a tale of buffoons and villains almost all declared that a ray of hope was born. They forget of the backdrop of the stage which is what is important and do not pay attention to old wasted Gatto Pardoism.

Our people are sinking into misery. There are no jobs, there is no food. Hunger pangs in our guts and stings our sensibility. Our children ask for bread that does not exist. Leftovers from the rubbish are beginning to be a resource against imperiously painful grumble of our bodies. And the speeches come and go, each with a different theory, all speaking of difficulties, of saving the financial system, that it is necessary to design a policy that attends the problems of the country. All of this was done under the timespan of wealthy people who eat well every day, as well as other things. Repugnant cynicism, demagogy and insensitivity abound before the situation faced by us who are down below.

And suddenly reality arrives shouting. The people break into the supermarkets. They take the merchandise from sixteen of them and try the same thing without being able to in fourteen others. An explosion of hunger that will not wait.

The official answer is that of always: repression. A major deployment of police, in some places with guns out, shooting bullets, brandishing clubs against young kids and women who run off with a package of flour, noodles or rice. There are prisoners, wounded and a fifteen-year-old in a serious medical state due to the brutal blows inflicted by the police.

And then, in this Orwellian world, the oppressor is the good guy and "les miserables" the bad guys. The majority of the politicians and mass media put the accent in this upsurge, in this “attack against private property”. And the “miserables” which have escaped from the pages of Victor Hugo are treated as satanic “destabilisers” hatching out flawless schemes. They shoot to kill against the villains who want to eat every day. They think about Security Measure


This is a fallacy. The State and all its “legal and ideological apparatus” have been making room for the brutal advance of all sorts of transnational companies. Constant laws and general policies that enable companies to act and operate. Ideas, a complete symbolic materialisation, that is being injected daily to justify the genocide of the peoples. The designs come from the major powers, such as the G7 (or G8), and are political-economic projects. The model is set up through large political-economic agencies such as the WTO, IMF, World Bank, World Development Bank. This is well-known, but it is worthwhile to repeated it: many are the absent minded or amnesiacs who look for magical saviours. The powers that be do not take the social framework into account.

Considering tactics, the point of the matter, arising from the current situation of fighting against privatisations, cannot let us lose the perspective and focus our hopes and energies toward something distant from grassroots needs and only good for producing and reproducing privileges as well as repression.

The different elements of the system feed upon one another, giving shape to this bestial and effective scheme. The social strengths of the enemy are not limited to these hallowed circuits, although possibly so in their “effects”. These “effects” that compose a wide range of oppressed people. Changing this perverse situation will not come through hackneyed, fraudulent and cynical channels that the system, with ideological terrorism, suggests as the only legitimate solution. This will be stopped only by confrontation or it will not be stopped at all.


And then there is an extensive spectrum of social strengths and persons who, knowing it or not, play the game of adding tiny patches so that the system can carry on functioning as is. They shout and cry when something unexpectedly arises that is not in their imaginary world. They are the ones who identify themselves with the system or are the false opposition, who functionally live in a universe of perverse fantasy. They are in general: bankrupt people, routine politicians, the ones who today discover the eggs of the snake and believe that they are of gold, the “mature”, ingenuous politicians, trapped in a spidersweb of symbols that now has more power than ever, those of good intentions who make lucifer start to grin when he sees them come along on that worn-out and well-travelled road.

A new world is emerging outside of classical structures. It knows what does not work and seeks what does work. It will collide against certain imaginary socio-political structures of those who consider themselves to be its representatives or vanguards. Political, theoretical and classical blows and sticks will appear, leaving bruised and battered heads.

It is a reality, this misery is destroying the bodies and hopes of entire generations, already at this time murdering our children. And this is not rhetoric but cruel, inhuman, palpable daily events.

Neither de we confuse, it would be foolish to do so. It is necessary to work for immediate problems, for improvements, for the defence of so many conquests trampled underfoot. But it should be treated in context, without creating false expectations and trying work towards real lasting changes.


We will say it again. Yes, that lacerating cloak of misery is murdering our children, and is murdering the poor in general. And each day there are more poor. Hungry children in rags are found throughout the country. Begging for a coin, cleaning windscreens, stealing someone's wallet, fainting from hunger, eating rubbish, forming bands to steal from other poor, knocking on doors to ask for food, pushing carts full of nothing, with their blood contaminated by lead, looking for edible scraps in rubbish piles. Looking at the world with hatred and despair, without child's play nor happiness, from broken homes, seeing the aggressive and hostile opulence of a few. Thus are living a great part of our children. And in a similar way, a great part of our people.

As always, the people seek ways out and fighting is their tool. They will thus go on processing a true strategy for urgent immediate achievements and future dreams.


*Carajo = in this context implies a violent rejection of something.

Federacion Anaraquista Gaucha


Translation by Red Libertaria Apoyo Mutuo (RLAM)

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