World Bank President James D Wolfensohn pied in Helsinki, Finland

The President of The World Bank James D Wolfensohn got a cream pie smeared across his face and another one thrown at him at point blank range in Helsinki today (March the 29th). Two members of The Arctic pie team approached him while Wolensohn was about to start a press conference together Sauli Niinistö, the Finnish state treasurer. "Subcommandante Marsipan" became the first person in Finland to perform "a pieing action" by smearing a cream pie across Wolfensohn's surprised face. He was instantly followed by "Subcommandante Pomada" who scored also, even though she had to throw her cake from a few meters away. The strike managed to delay the press conference for a while and stirred up the thoughts of the two hardcore capitalist pigs.

More info followed by video and still photographs available later at Finnish Indymedia (

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