Date: Fri, 19 May 2000
military attempt to overthrow the government

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there was an emergency call of a youth organisation and below is from the
website of the bbc. (
There should be more news.

President Luis Gonzalez Macchi says an attempt by supporters of a fugitive
former army chief to overthrow his government has been defeated.

  "The situation is totally under control. We are going to be relentless in
applying the law to all those who have violated the law and the
constitution," he told a local television channel.

A Paraguayan military spokesman said the rebels had agreed to surrender
after retreating from the centre of the capital, Asuncion, to a military
base outside the city.

"These supposed coup-plotters have agreed to come to an accord. The
situation is controlled," said Colonel Carlos Socrates Ramirez.

Reports from Asuncion say the city is now quiet and five rebel officers
have been arrested.

Defence Minister Nelson Argana said earlier that three army regiments had taken
part in the uprising, in support of a fugitive army commander,General Lino

General Oviedo has been on the run since being accused of involvement in the
assassination of the vice-president in 1998.

Rebel tanks entered the capital and fired on Congress buildings, causing
extensive damage but no reported casualties.

They later retreated, pursued by air force planes.

The Paraguayan police headquarters was also briefly under rebel control,
but was later recaptured by loyalist forces.

Several radio stations  were taken over by the rebels, who broadcast
statements denouncing President Macchi, and calling for fresh elections.

The president issued a statement on another radio station, saying his
forces were still in control of the situation.

Speaking on Paraguayan Nanduti radio, he said: "I urge the citizenry to
remain calm and alert to defend the constitution, the institutions, and
civilised coexistence."


The Mexican news agency Notimex reported from Asuncion that supporters of
General Oviedo had taken over the First Army Corps, the First Cavalry
Division, and the National Police.

But loyalist troops had apparently stepped up security at the Government 
Palace before the uprising.

Senator Francisco Jose De Vargas told Paraguayan radio that  the authorities
had learned of the plan a few days ago, and had taken precautions.

As intermittent fighting continued, most army brigades declared their
support for the government.

This was General Oviedo's third coup attempt in seven years, and a BBC
correspondent in Asuncion says it may have been a last desperate attempt to
gain power by force.

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