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National Alliance of Peoples Movements (NAPM) Karnataka

No.1, First Floor, Russel Market, Shivajinagar, Bangalore-560001

A call to Join A Mass Rally on June 1st at 4 PM from Shivaji Nagar Stadium in connection with the Biannual meet of NAPM 30 May to 1st June 2006 in Bangalore.

NAPM as an alliance is striving for people's right to livelihood and natural resource. The Alliance is driven by a vision of an alternative development and political paradigm. NAPM stands for a just, sustainable, democratic, egalitarian society. It is against corporate gloibalization, religious fundamentalism,and discrimination based on caste, race, gender, and ehinicity.

The NAPM is committed to a people based on Non violent path of struggle, along with an emphasis on constructive action- 'SANGARSH AUR NIRMAN'

More than 200 peoples Movements and Organizations across the country are part of this alliance. We are all determined to bring about a process of bringing about an alternate politics and development in this country.

NAPM is 'organizing its fifth Bi-annual National conference in Bangalore from 30th May to 1st June 2006. To mark this special occasion, the alliance in Bangalore is taking out a MASS RALLY on 1st June at 4 pm. From SHIVAJI NAGAR STADIUM. The National leaders like Medha Patkar, Thomas Kocherry, Aruna Roy, Sanjay M.G., Chenniah P. Gabriela D, Ulka ahajan, Muktha S, Sanjy Pande, will be addressing the MASS RALLY. All are cordially invited to attend the MASS RALLY.

Sr. Celia (Contact Phone : 9945716052) Balakrishnan (Contact phone 080 23392354), Margaret (Contact Phone 9342163539) and ProF. Hanumanthu (Contact phone. 9449117347)

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