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Ecuador on the side of CONAIE- the government with their 100 businesspeople

The Nations and Indigenous Peoples of Ecuador reject the arrogant attitude of President Palacio who continues to repress and impede our brothers and sisters from getting to Quito. In a demonstration his racism, he has ordered the police and military to remove from public busses people with indigenous names, violating their constitutional rights. In Calderon, a bus from the Cooperative Imbaburapak Transport which was traveling with a delegation from the Imbabura Indigenous Federation (FICI) was kidnapped, preventing them from arriving to the capital. Members of the Awa and Epera nationalities have been detained in the Calderon sector, in San Lorenzo County. Also, at 11 am another truck carrying provisions which had been coming from Cotopaxi was also kidnapped by the police. It was traveling to Quito with food for the people who are there protesting.

This cynical government has attempted to block the arrival of food and support, and the racist secretary of Communications Enrique Proaņo, announced that these mobilizations are financed by NGOs or the Venezuelan government; knowing that this is the most ridiculous lie against the indigenous people. It is he and his regime that need to explain to the country why the North American government through USAID has paid the Ecuadorian negotiators and consultants to produce reports in support of North American interests in the TLC. This is an example of how this government allows the Bush government to interfere in the sovereign internal affairs of our country.

This regime has violated their promises and lied to the people, just as Gutierrez has. Their racist ministers, at the service of the United States, big business and transnational companies are mistaken. The force of the mobilizations continues to grow. The unified force of the Indigenous movement, together with the workers and students, housewives and professionals continues to grow. Ours is the struggle of the 80% of poor people in our country. We will not defend the cause and interests of 100 businesspeople, as this government does.

Therefore, we are carrying out huge mobilizations in the city of Quito and the entire Andean region of the country is paralyzed. In response to this the government intends to declare a State of Emergency, because it is impotent in the face of the arrival of the Indigenous delegations and the force of the mobilizations.

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