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NeoCons Silent on Regime Change in Ecuador
by DLi Thursday, Apr. 21, 2005 at 8:49 PM

After going overtime to "support democractic movements" in Ukraine, Lebanon and even claiming democratic credentials on the manipulated J30 Iraqi election, the White House is eerily silent on a great democraatic movement south of the border. In Ecuador, the masses--by voting with their feet--toppled a "Washington kiss-ass" president Gutierez. But you won't hear W praise the democratic people's power in Ecuador...

The true face of an Evil Empire is best seen when its stooges are thrown out by the People. No air time from Bush praising the rise of democracy, and definitely no promises of aid, financial or moral, will be forthcoming from the White House. In many cases, only thinly-veiled threats such as "hoping the new regime will respect Constitutional principles," often coupled with an IMF ultimatum about safeguarding a "stable business climate," or even a naval show of force on the coast, will be the only response from the Imperialist overlords in Washington.

But the brave Ecuadorian masses will not be intimidated. Like the other progressive Latin American citizens, they will continue their march toward real sovereignty, and together, they will tell the puffed-up Imperialist neighbor,"Get out of our country, you arrogant Capitalist gringo. We won't let your blood-sucking multi-national corporate thugs exploit us any further. We don't want your rapidly-falling yankee Dollars."

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