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Quito - hard Ecuador police repression.
by mEsCaLˆina Wednesday, Apr. 20, 2005 at 11:59 AM


Quito - hard Ecuador police repression.


by diffuse ovunque

I translate from "the brutal continuous repression, hour is talking nonsense with the crews, in the manifestation is children, pregnant people of the third age, women and this murderous government is ordering to kill pacific people" "In this moment is available 36 wounded and suffocated persons between, between they a child of 2 years. Luccio Gutiérrez, dictator of Ecuador, is pulling people outside, paying it, from various places; in order to trick the citizenship that these support it spontaneously. Gutiérrez bugiardo, dictator and criminal!!!"

a dead man in the strong repression to the march against Gutiérrez Julio Augusto García Romero, of 58 years, press photographer, mè died evening in the hospital yesterday Eugene Espejo di Quito, to consequence of a cardiorespiratory dysfunction, like result of the gas excess that the Police has launch in order to repress the pacific manifestation that asked the escape for the president Lucio Gutiérrez. Citizens of all the social layers and different age have yesterday sutoconvocati without the politician presence some in order to go Outside towards the Palace of Government, screaming "Luccio". The concentration is begun in the Cross of the Pope of the park the Carolina. The colonello of Police Germán Feijoo, it has said evening yesterday that the persons exited in a pacific march for the center of Quito would not have repressed, the policemen launch tear gases to the height of 10 roads de August y Arenas, and that has provoked to many asfisiate persons and a dead man. Approximately 800 policemen proteggevano the Palace of Carondelet.

More than 30000 manifesting they have participated to the marce yesterday, that they are begun to the 17:00. They have been hardly suffocated, but approximately three thousands manifesting are resolutions to close arrive to the government palace encircling all the angles of the center of Quito. But the strong police and military repression with the abundant use gas Repression in the night to Quito is resolutions to hinder the arrival to the palace

paid armed Bands from the government is gone around to hundred for the roads of Quito, drunks. And the police defends them from the citizens who begin to react. Migliaia of citizens is exited immediately to the roads and has begun to answer to the aggression, but sopportano the violent repression of the Police who has added itself to the bulli defending of the government of the Gutiérrez president. It mentions to you bulli are groups of militants of the party Patriotic Society that is arrives you until the roads of Quito, capacities from the government of the Gutiérrez president, from its relatives, and its cousins Renán Borbúa like for managing others, with the aim to assault in violent shape the protests of Quito that demand the renunciation of the Gutiérrez president.



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