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Ecuador: Front Of Defense Of Dulcepamba River Against National Council Of Electricity

Noticia de Radio Mundo Real | 10/10/2007

In Ecuador, the Front of Defense of the Dulcepamba river, and a group of ecological organizations demanded the National Council of Electricity to "immediately withdraw" the military in San Pablo de Amalí, in the province of Bolívar, of the hydroelectric project that is being built there.

The Front of Defense accusses the Army Engineer Corps of the "violations to the human rights that were confirmed in the area and are attributable to the military institution".

The Front demands President Rafael Correa to "state the neccessary measures to withdraw the military from the project because it lacks social approval and has become non-viable".

According to the opposers to the hydroelectric project, the construction shouldn't "affect the right to water, food, work, and life in a healthy environment" They claim that thousands of families would be "seriously affected" by not being able to have water.

In the same area of Ecuador, another environmental conflict is raising mobilizations and protests. A group of ecological organizations, among them the National Coordinator for the Defense of Life and Sovereignty, is asking for the "immediate withdrawal" of the mining company Curimining, which is working in the area without the necessary authorizations of the Ministry of Energy and Mines.

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