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5 thousand against FTAA in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Date: Fri, 01 Nov 2002

Thursday, five thousand people marched in Sao Paulo against FTAA ministerial summit in Quito, Ecuador. Two thousand joined the autonomous block.

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Demonstration took Paulista Avenue, Sao Paulo most important avenue where most bank and multinational corporation headquarters are located.

Demonstration was cheerful and peaceful. Banners and puppets protested Brazil's negotiation of the agreement and its possible impact on worker's, enviroment's protection laws and social services.

There were two blocks at the march, one organized by the institutional left (unions and political parties) and other organized by autonomous anti-authoritarian groups. The blocks marched together at the avenue and then, while institutional left protested in front of Brazil's Central Bank, the autonomous block kept marching in Sao Paulo downtown until Patriarca Square where 700 plates of vegetarian meal where distributed.

Today autonomous groups keep protesting. Early this morning, bikers occupied Sao Paulo's downtown with a critical mass against the FTAA. Later this evening, a huge street party will again take the streets in protest againt the Quito summit.

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